Mexican Guacamole!

As I start to write this blogpost, it reminded me like the time I went to Aldi and say the avocado tag said: “origin: Mexico” so I snapped it saying: “like me” but little did I know that above that, it said: “loose avocado” and 95% of the thousands of people who watch my snaps thought I said “like me” to the lose part and I think everyone was confused as to why would I say I was loose! It was so funny! we all had a great laugh!

Anyway, today I made this gorgeous guacamole and it is absolutely  delicious! Is a side dish, that no matter what the occasion is, it always be a winner!

Today I decided to serve it with some crispy “papadums” they are made of lentil flour, and they are only 46 calories per papadum, I bought those in telco and I 100% recommend them!


I also cooked some lovely black beans to have as my source of protein!

Now, to the point woman! here is the recipe:



I used 4 avocados. (Think of 1/2 to 1 avocado per person)

2 tomatos

1/2 white onion

handful of coriander

Juice of 1 lime (to avoid the guacamole going brown, you could also use 1 tablespoon of mayo for the same propose)

2 garlic cloves

Sea Salt & Pepper


Simply mash the avocados in a bowl with a fork and mix in the rest of the ingredients!


Another tip to avoid guacamole going brown, is to add the bones of the avocado into your guacamole!

As I said above I served with the crispy papadums:




I Hope you enjoy it, If you make it please send me pics or tag me on your creations! I love to see them!

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