Mini sweet potato Pizzas with Dubliner Cheese

This mini pizzas are delicious, healthy and easy to make! They are ideal for school lunches, snacks or even as a side dish for lunches and dinners. 

Also if you have friends over it be an amazing appetiser.

For the base of the mini pizzas I used sweet potato. Which is a root vegetable full of vitamin A and fibre! 

So first of slice the sweet potato. Not too thin not to thick. Here is an example:

Spray or brush them with some olive oil and bake them in the oven for 25 minutes at 180 degrees Celcius. 

For the first batch you will need:

50g grated white cheddar Dubliner Cheese

120ml of tomato sauce (I make my own sauce with a can of tomato, herbs and some stock, blending and reducingnitnin anlow heat. But can buy you favourite marinara sauce)

I used some small sliced pepperoni and basil:

So once your sweet potato is sliced. Add a teaspoon of the tomato sauce on top of each slice: 

Then just top them with the grated cheese, pepperoni and basil! 

Put them back in the oven to melt the delicious Dubliner cheese! 

If you wanted to be more fun you can ise the sliced Dubliner cheese to slice halloween shapes and your kids will love them:

My two boys came from school and inhaled them all so we didn’t have any leftover for school lunches so I am making more today for their lunches tomorrow!

Hope you liked this posts and if you make them, tag me on your creations 
*This blogpost is sponsored by Dublinner Cheese* #ad

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