Moroccan Style Couscous Salad

This green couscous is so delicious and looks amazing in any table as it is full of colour! And also delicious!

This is a perfect dish for those doing “veguanary” or is a delicious addition as a side dish.

I mixed in the broccoli rice from Green Isle to add texture, greens and have more volume with less calories.

100 grams contains only 21 calories, i mean you can’t go wrong with that.


1 cup of uncooked couscous

350ml vegetable stock

1 bag of Broccoli Rice Green Isle

100g of chopped almonds toasted

1 jar of pesto

Sea salt and pepper

(If you are not vegan or dairy free you can add 70g feta cheese)


Place the uncooked couscous in a bowl and immediately add the boiling stock. Cover with a plate and allow the couscous to cook.

In the meantime place the Green Isle Broccoli Rice in the microwave for 3 minutes.

Mix in the broccoli Rice with the couscous, add pesto jar, almonds and feta cheese.

Serve on a bed of Kale and enjoy!

It genuinely can’t be easier that that, delicious and so healthy!

Disclaimer: This dish contains NUTS*

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